Author’s Art Assignment #February2021 — Simplicity in Art.

Stephenson Westernlund
3 min readFeb 2, 2021

Here are some interesting art projects I made and the ideas behind them for this month.

1. Art is also the thought process and the end product.

What if I named this: "Scribbles which then with pretentiousness I call abstract art and fool people by putting values ​​and meanings into it... Idk lol maybe because it is a set of lines then I call it a representation of phenomena in life that are interconnected and occur simultaneously abstract on the mysterious space and time".

While that might be the correct stunt, because the painting above is just a random line I drew with no regulation or special intention. But if you think about the process by which I created value in it from the empty air that I pretentiously put into the picture, don't you think that's also art? As stupid as it sounds, isn't it a wonderful thing how the human brain creates value from something that has no value? It was just a set of lines which initially didn't mean anything, but then I stylized it as if it meant that the line was a representation of the phenomena that existed in life to which it connected, broke, crossed other phenomena lines. Isn't that art? The human brain processes the surrounding information and relates it to something that was previously unrelated so that it creates value in it.

2. Basic & Universal Aesthetic Value.

Here is a photo collage of the sky landscape that I cropped from my photos in the gallery over the last few months. It is inspired by Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin Chapel. For some reason I was inspired by the window structure of the chapel where the focus of beauty is on pure form and color. For me, the idea behind this is that universal beauty is a symmetrical structure and form which is readily available in nature as well as the idea that you can find beautiful things when you try to pay more attention to simple things. This is a process of rethinking about the idea of beauty and how simply beauty should be as a universal value. The idea reminds me of Piet Mondrian latest period of his works where simplification of form and use of color are universal languages ​​for aesthetics.

3. Art Without Historical Representation.

Above are two colored objects painted by me, acrylic on paper. In this assignment, experiment with basic form and play with colour. In the development of the art of European Modernism, a flow of High Grade Art emerged, called Color Field, which is closely related to abstract expressionism. The lesson we can take from this assignment is that art does not have to be seen from the point of view of the object’s reference, the story, the history and its background. The color field painting provides self-evident for revelation, reality and concrete that can be understood by anyone and is considered beautiful by anyone without historical glasses (Barnett Newman). For me, this is a field of art that is fun, interesting and accessible to all people and teaches the value that an art does not always have to describe or tell an experience or event, a work of art can also be an experience and event itself.