Author’s Diary: Insecurity, Self Love, Confidence & The Meaning of Life.

Stephenson Westernlund
2 min readJan 2, 2021

Author’s note about defining your life. Source: Personal Instagram (

In the digital era, we consume very large quantities of information about the superiority idealism of an individual. An exaggerated visualization of an individual who appears to be large, successful, generous, untouchable, and near perfection. This creates unhealthy ideas about ourselves. Am I stupid? Am I below average? Am I too cheap? We feel small. But the fact is, everyone in this world has imperfections behind polished visuals. We sometimes don’t think about how Ariana Grande is when the party is over and she feels alone at night, she probably thinks of the fear in her life, she might be sexually imagine someone, she probably likes the scent of her own sweat, she probably has pretty wild sexual fantasies.

Everyone are confused about life. Source: Personal Instagram (

In many ways, the human capacity for intelligence, skill and talent is evenly distributed, but social pyramid operate in abstract random ways. Of course Elon Musk is not the smartest person in the world, his employees are probably many times smarter than him, but the stratification and the x-factor are random things. Everyone, be it the CEO of a big company in Silicon Valley or a toilet cleaner at country small school, both of them are pooping. One thing we need to know is, that we all have a hard time understanding life, we don’t understand many things, we wonder because no one knows the answer. Everyone is weak, there’s always presence of fear, ignorance, anxiety, regret and confusion. It is the universal value of being human.