Author’s Diary - Modern Art DIY: Time.

Stephenson Westernlund
2 min readJan 2, 2021

Prepare two wall clocks with the same design, hang them together as shown in the image above (I duplicated the photo above, but you know what I mean) and wallaaaa.... Now you have Untitled (Perfect Lovers) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1991).

I thought about this work recently. Both clocks, installed at the same time. However, slowly and expectedly, they fall out of time. This is caused by running out of batteries as well as the nature of the mechanism. The two clocks will also have a moment where the beats are no longer the same, this could be due to gravity, the clock mechanism or other factors.

For me, what's interesting about this work is not the work itself, but the philosophy and the ideas behind it. We take time for granted. In 2020, there are many lessons about our time and how fragile we are as humans. In that year, many of us learned about the importance of time with people we care about- whether it's a lover, parents, best friend or whoever means something to you. But in the end, we will understand that time is something that cannot be controlled by humans. There are times when one will expire and leave. For me this work carry moving poetry about personal loss as well as the temporal nature of life and be a reminder that death exists and that time is something very precious to be human.

I make this work as the basis for living in 2021, which is to enjoy every moment and give extra time to the people I love. Because we don't know whose time out of sync first.