What will you learn from intimate and quiet travel in nature?

Stephenson Westernlund
5 min readAug 19, 2020
Credit: Writer (2020)

Nowadays, it’s too much to say that humans have forgotten how to live directly in nature and understand survival skills in nature, the fact is, you don’t have to and of course on many occasions today you won’t need it. Today’s world, society, culture and renewable and modern technology allow us to live easily and get everything with just a simple step. And therefore, it’s safe to say that if you don’t like adventure in nature, that’s fine. But the question is, do you deserve to try it? What if you try it yourself and what will you get?

Camping or going on a nature trip alone or perhaps exploring a small village in the middle of nowhere, being a backpacker with interests and reckless without excessive economic perception, has become a lifestyle and hobby of many modern societies. Actually, with increasing interest in going to the wild leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, what can we learn? And if you are going to try it or maybe you are one of those people, what will you learn if you really think about it?

Happiness and luxury do not exist somewhere but right in front of you, people die every day and the material world that you need will not be anything.

On the way you will try to see a lot and be quiet. When you truly open your heart and soul, to understand how each individual and culture or even every living creature around you interacts, for some reason you will realize that each individual feels the same emotional experience perhaps only in a different context. There is nothing wrong with being famous, ambitious about conquering the world, a luxurious career, living in a luxury apartment in the center of a big city, having fashion and high-end lifestyle, in the sense of being extraordinary. In fact, we have to be thankful because these super ambitious people have helped us where we are now, an economic capitalism that allows each of us, rich or poor, to taste and consume and possess relatively the same goods. The problem is, we reach the point where our majority society forces itself to be working endlessly, and even many of us don’t even know why. Nature will provide the understanding that it’s okay to be sane, kind and simple. You will not be a coward and avoid the challenge, you will only change your perspective about what challenges are. Instead of becoming famous it might be better to have integrity, rather than to wander in wealth and live in wealth, it is better to be safe and stable in life, than to pursue satisfaction, power and recognition of other people maybe you need love, fulfillment of life goals and inner satisfaction. Tens of thousands of people die every day around the world, if you think about that number and take one individual behind that number, you might be surprised it might be you or someone far above your professional achievement, what then? He will eventually die too, like you, like whoever it is. You will understand, you have nothing to fear that you will be left behind, because greater happiness does not happen somewhere. A successful businessman with friends in expensive bars in the city center might question his fear of bankruptcy. It will be amazing when you understand that a great and great thing happened and is available far from the big cities and the spotlight. Simple life is good, low salary is not the end of the world. You will understand the misfortune behind the professionalism competition with anxiety and sleepless days.

You’re too small, but you accept it and that’s okay.

You are too small. Whatever you do is nothing from a natural perspective. The rock on the side of the road was there from the beginning of the earth’s appearance, and humans changed, appeared and left so quickly. The world is too broad, people will always come and go, then what about the universe and the planets and stars in the universe that are endless? At night you will see a star and you do not understand it, even the earth you do not understand it. Too many things that you will never understand, and that’s fine. Someone in a place does not know who you are, do not know your burden and sadness, do not know anything about you and your repurtation, and so do you. Too many possibilities and unlimited amount. When you accept that you are small, you will free yourself from the constant fear and anxiety of material cascades. That life must accept the breath that is so small and try to enjoy it.

At least, you will feel the silence and understand it.

Life becomes so materialistic and so oriented towards recognition. If someone great invites you to an event, you will go. If a company offers a job somewhere with a higher salary, you will move out. You see people with various professional achievements in cyberspace. People do facial reconstruction to have a perfect physique. People wear certain brands to look more top. Everything feels so much and noisy. City life is poison to many people, many people let toxic people steal their lives. Everything is so noisy. Finally, from nature and solitude, you will learn that the real achievement of life as a productive adult is to be silent and calm, enjoy solitude and a simple and good social environment, be sane and good. You will understand that it is better to get up and walk on the grass than at 7 in the morning getting up in a hurry by the sound of the alarm and getting ready to work non-stop 8 hours a day.

Many people know what you know. There is nothing really on top.

On the way, if you try to socialize and understand character, you will understand that being smart is not a privilege for people who go to school or top universities. Many people know a lot of things, some may just not know what the term is, but they understand it. This will help you to understand that not even because you are stupid or do not have a purpose in life to choose a simple life, they only look further and can distinguish that things will not be good if you have them all. It’s a good thing for you not to have or to achieve because if you have it you will be even more tormented over the fear of losing it. Many things are beautiful enough to be felt from afar.